One of my favorite locations, with my favorite spots right by the parking lot.  Nature, lakes, trees, and fields. A versatile location!  There's also the seasonal option to rent canoes!

Lebanon HillS,

My new FAVORITE location, less than 30 minutes from Lakeville. This spot requires an added ten minute walk from the parking lot, but entirely worth it! A great option for something other than fields or woods, yet still gives a nature vibe.  And the evening light is SO DREAMY!

Cannon River,
cannon falls

A natural space filled with woods, tall grasses, and even a dried up creek bed filled with rocks.  When the sun is right, I love using the open field overlooking miles of nature as the backdrop!

Whitetail Woods,

A beautiful garden filled area, with light colored architecture, resulting in beautiful bright and airy photographs.

Rolling hills, tall grasses, as well as a charming cobblestone pathway. Of note, since it’s a conservation area, we do have to stick to the dedicated trails!  

Prairie bluff
conservation area,
eden prairie

If you’re up for a hike and an adventure, this is your place!! Dreamy, romantic, adventurous.  I can't believe this is Minnesota, it reminds me of the mountains!

interstate park,
taylor's falls

This spot is near Archer’s cafe, the Stone Arch Bridge, and the iconic concrete rock, with views of Minneapolis, in a popular Minnesota location. Great spot for classic photos in the city.

saint anthony main,

Located in Minneapolis, just across the river from Saint Anthony Main. Here you'll find historic building ruins, mixed with lush greens- a hidden gem below the busy city!

A natural setting with paths, trees, that is right here in Lakeville.  The close location makes it ideal for many families.

ritter farm park,

mill ruin,

Great for fall orchard photos, only open seasonally. Also a great spot to pick up some pie and sip on hot apple cider! There are 2 orchards I shoot at, depending on availability.

Perfect for winter photos, with year round green pines, and tall trees.  Hansen Tree Farm in Ramsey, MN is another option, if you'd prefer north of the cities.

Hampton hills
Tree farm,

apple orchard,

Gorgeous landscapes, flowers, shrubs, stone stairway, and even a tiny little greenhouse!

Additional entrance fee of $75 for 1-3 people, or $150 for 4-9 people

Incredible natural light, with a client lounge. Versatile studio with several background and furniture options!

Additional studio rental cost of $100

8th street studio,

Landscape arboretum,

Incredible natural light studio, with a couch, table and chairs, a daybed, and a changing area. Versatile studio with great lighting all year round

Additional studio rental cost of $110

An open field, with greenery in the summer and colorful leaves in the fall.  Another location that is right here in Lakeville, close to the residential areas.

Tried and True locations

Como Park,
Saint Paul

open field,

Brooke Elisabeth studio,