The Untiedt Family | Whitetail Woods

Whitetail Woods Regional Park is one of my favorite locations in the southern suburbs with so much variety. It’s an awesome spot year round with greenery in the summer, yellow in the fall, pines in the winter, and even rock areas in the spring when most everywhere else is bare trees and sticks! If you’re unsure of where you want to have your session, this is always a good choice.

Now take a scroll through one of my favorite families, I’ve been luck enough to photograph again and again! The biggest perk of being a photographer is getting to know these families over the years, as their kiddos grow and grow and grow. Added bonus, I can 100% relate to Nicki in this season of life with 3 kids and feeling like every day is pure chaos. She actually sent me a meme that sums it up exactly:

1 kid is 1 kid. 2 kids are 2 kids. 3 kids are 9473837 kids, 8 hurricanes, & a donkey.

But holy smokes, these parents make it look like easy peasy!

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